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Many first-time landlords can make simple business mistakes, such as failing to properly screen potential renters, not having an efficient rent collection system, or missing important terms and conditions in a lease. Receiving service from a property management company can help prevent these mistakes.

On the other hand, seasoned property owners can sacrifice too much of their time tending to various rental tasks, especially if they have multiple rental properties that require management.

Keyrenter Arkansas property management is committed and offers a full range of property management services for your Bentonville rental home. We manage all kinds of residential properties with different amenities.

We are a centrally located property management company that services Bentonville, AR and more areas in Northwest Arkansas. We take on responsibility for more properties each day, so if you require additional information on partnering with Keyrenter Arkansas, get in touch with us!

We proudly manage all responsibilities involved in renting homes on behalf of our landlords, to save them effort and put as much money as possible in their bank account.

Our real estate professionals offer our property management expertise in marketing, tenant screening, accounting, collecting rent, maintaining the property, and drafting leases. We also have plenty of knowledge on fair-housing laws, landlord-tenant laws, and local regulations on building and health safety.

For new property investors, it can take time to learn about the best practices in the property management industry. Partner with our property managers and spare yourself from worrying about how to shorten the learning curve and hire a property manager. We have all of the necessary skills, training, and cutting-edge technology to lead your Bentonville rental to success.

Our management pricing plans are designed to service your property needs. We have packages to sufficiently serve different types of rentals, so our clients aren’t paying for an unnecessary service. If you’re interested in more information, get in touch with us today!

Our Property Management Services

Your Keyrenter Arkansas’ property manager will provide peace of mind with our committed marketing strategies, detailed tenant screening, and prompt rent collection. We also have a fully effective property management and maintenance program.

Here are some of the services we provide to our valued Northwest Arkansas clients:

1. Marketing Your Rental Property

Advertising your Bentonville rental home is necessary to gain a high-quality renter, and we constantly search for new ways to improve your ad exposure. Our approach is putting up ads on our website, as well as posting on more than 20 additional sites to increase your property’s exposure.

We act as real estate agents and get your property noticed on the market. We also market offline in various ways, such as putting up yard signs.

marketing rental properties
Another technique your property manager will use is being responsive to inquiries and requests for property showings from prospects. Our ability to quickly fill vacancies is a result of our quick marketing efforts as soon as a vacancy notice is sent to us by our current client.

We don’t cut corners when delivering our service to our clients, as we know hard work is the only way to achieve real results.

Screening Prospective Tenants

Screening potential residents is an essential step to help prevent future problems in your Bentonville rental home. Keyrenter Arkansas checks credit history, employment history, and background information.

We ensure that only responsible and committed renters who respect your property, pay on time, and comply with property policies occupy your unit. After all, great residents help make your property a success and ensure you can enjoy the rent money from your investment!

screening prospective tenants

3. Crafting A Lease Agreement

Each Bentonville, Arkansas property requires a lease that’s clear and specific. Simply using a lease template can leave out key terms and conditions. Keyrenter Arkansas helps in drafting leases that are compliant with state laws and local regulations.

A comprehensive lease prevents conflicts and covers the rights and responsibilities of the landlord and tenant. It also contains relevant clauses, policies, and disclosures. We create a customized lease agreement for your property to ensure you’re protected.

4. Performing Property Repairs & Maintenance

To continuously provide value to your tenants, your Bentonville rental home should be in top condition. At Keyrenter Arkansas, we are experts at property management and maintaining rental homes. We have trained technicians to diagnose problems and inspect the unit. Our network of experienced professionals are prepared to handle specific repairs.

Your property is an investment that we prioritize when providing rental management. It’s important to contact the right professionals for excellent property management and upkeep. No time is wasted, as it is easy for tenants to contact us and we respond promptly to maintenance requests.

About Bentonville, Arkansas

Bentonville is the county seat of Benton County. It’s categorized as the 10th largest city in Arkansas. It’s famous for being the birthplace of the largest retailer in the world, Walmart.

The city spans a total area of 31.5 square miles, where 31.3 square miles are composed of land, and the remaining 0.19 square miles are covered in water.

Residents of Bentonville, Arkansas appreciate living in this area for its outdoor adventure offerings. Here in Bentonville, biking, kayaking, and hiking are some of the available activities. Bentonville is even called, “The Mountain Biking Capital of the World.” This city is also rich in culture with plenty of museums and art to admire.

Bentonville is known for its abundance of job opportunities, considering it is home to the Walmart headquarters. The city also has a strong tech sector that attracts professionals.

Local restaurants, coffee shops and parks are scattered throughout this city, which contributes to making Bentonville a great home. Its affordable cost of living is yet another reason why Bentonville, Arkansas is a great area to reside in.

Here Are Some of the Fun Activities in Bentonville, Arkansas:

  1. The Walmart Museum
  2. Orchards Park
  3. Pea Ridge National Military Park
  4. The Peel Mansion Museum & Heritage Gardens
  5. Bentonville Town Square
  6. Lawrence Plaza Ice Rink and Splash Park
  7. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Bachman-Wilson House
  8. Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
  9. Wishing Spring Gallery

Source: Wikipedia

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We are based in Fayetteville AR and we make it our mission to support rental owners in the day-to-day tasks of rental property management. Keyrenter Arkansas offers a 24-hour response time for your Bentonville, AR rental home.

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